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Nearly 40 percent of the food in the United States goes right into the trash! What’s more, that number has risen by half since 1974, according to the National Health Institute. You can save money and resources by curbing your family’s waste with these tips:

Make a list of what’s needed for the week’s meals—and stick to it! There’s no point buying what your family won’t be able to eat before it goes bad, no matter how tempting a two-for-one deal might be.

Reduce portion sizes to ensure everyone eats what’s on his plate. Still hungry? There’s always seconds.

Use up food that’ll spoil soon. Even if you don’t have plans to eat it right away, you can freeze the dish for later.

Ask for a container to take home your too-big restaurant portions. Even if it’s half a helping of spinach, you can always add it to your lunch the next day.

Get rid of excess food responsibly by tossing leftovers into a compost bin or donating to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter

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