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Celebrate the first day of school like they do in Germany—with a schultüte, or school cone, filled with snacks and school supplies. Surprise your child with it, or have her help decorate the cone with stickers, photos, or even goals she has for the year ahead.

One sheet of heavyweight wrapping paper or poster board
Eco-friendly glue stick
Two sheets of leftover tissue paper
Ribbon, buttons, and other decorations
School supplies and healthy snacks
1. Cut off a strip of paper from the sheet of wrapping paper or poster board to form a square.
2. Roll the square sheet into a cone, adjusting it as you go to make it as tall as possible.
3. Glue the edge of the paper—from the top to the tip—so the cone is secure.
4. Trim the top of the cone to make it flat.
5. Gather and glue the bottom edge of the tissue paper around the inside of the cone. The top of the tissue paper will be sticking out.
6. Embellish the top and sides of the cone with ribbon and buttons, or fringe made from scrap paper.
7. Fill your cone with fun supplies (like colored pencils or a small notebook) and healthy snacks.
8. Gather the tissue paper into a bundle and tie a ribbon around it to close.

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