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Just because school is starting doesn’t mean you can’t keep your child stimulated outside of the classroom, too. Check out these fun new learning apps for kids of all ages, hand-picked by our friends at the nonprofit Common Sense Media.

learning apps for kids Faces iMake—Right Brain Creativity This stellar app encourages young kids to be creative and gives them tools and ideas to express themselves by creating faces using objects like potatoes for noses or lightbulbs for eyes. (For iPad, $5)
learning apps for kids News-O-Matic—Kids can learn about current events, countries around the world, and pop culture with this fun and interactive subscription based newspaper app. (For iPad, free)
learning apps for kids Middle School Confidential Book 1—Be Confident in Who You Are This graphic-novel app teaches tweens to identify emotions, reflect on strengths and weaknesses, and respect peer viewpoints. (For iPad, iPhone, and Nook HD, $3)
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