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Start a Leaf Exchange Program

One of my favorite things about fall is watching the trees start to change color! If you feel the same way, try starting a leaf exchange with your friends or family. It’s extra fun if you know someone who lives in another city or even state—you may get to see a leaf from a tree that doesn’t grow where you live.

Here’s how:

  • When you notice leaves starting to change color, collect a few from your yard or a nearby park.
  • Place the leaves in between two layers of wax paper. Then, put them in a telephone book or magazine to flatten them out.
  • In a notebook, write down what you notice about the leaves. What colors are they? What kind of tree did they fall from? To identify the leaves, ask your parents to use the Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide app ($5, for iPhone and iPad).
  •  Hand your leaves or mail them in a flat envelope to your friends with your notes. Ask them to share some of their leaves—and their comments—with you!
  • Save your exchanged leaves in a special notebook or scrapbook.

Another fun idea: You can even ask your teacher to do a leaf exchange with another school across the country! Have your parents visit for a lesson plan for teachers.

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