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10 Watchdog Organizations That Care For Consumers

As an eco-conscious parent, you’re likely always keeping an ear to the ground on the latest in environmental and health policy, and researching what’s best for you and your family—but who are the groups pushing to make change happen? And who’s working to keep you in the know?  Here are some of the consumer education and advocacy groups you’ve likely heard of, but may not know a lot about—looking out for our planet, our food supply, and you. Click the name, or a logo to get started.

  Untitled-1 greenamerica  cornucopia fairtrade
 Born Free USA  Green America  Cornucopia Institute  Fair Trade USA
non-gmo   CSPI
  Non-GMO Project    EWG OCA  CSPI
   ota OTA

Caring ...for people and the planet

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