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Pregnant JuiceThe Question: I love drinking fresh juices! But is it safe while I’m pregnant?

 Answer: Fresh juices are one of the hottest trends in wellness circles. Especially while pregnant, drinking a glass full of densely packed antioxidants can be a health- ful addition to a balanced nutritional plan. But there are some key principles to follow: Choose organic fruits and veggies with the least amount of toxins (avoid the items on EWG’s Dirty Dozen Plus list, which you can find at whenever possible, and don’t let juices replace meals. Since juicing extracts the fluid and leaves behind the fiber-filled pulp, make sure you’re still getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet, as well as adequate protein and fats. Also, remember that fresh juices are packed with micronutrients, but can contain a fair amount of sugar. Your best bet: Make your own to ensure you’re getting the freshest (and most properly prepped) produce possible, while avoiding preservatives found in some commercial juices. If you are going to buy juices, stick with those you know are made with fresh, organic ingredients.

Lawrence D. Rosen, M.D., is the founder of the Whole Child Center in Oradell, New Jersey, and co-author of Treatment Alternatives for Children.

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