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cspiThis consumer advocacy group was founded in 1971 with the goal to improve the safety and nutritional quality of America’s food supply, says CSPI’s communications coordinator, Clare Politano. “We seek to eradicate diet-related illness (like diabetes and heart disease) by providing objective nutrition information to the public, and promote a healthier food environment.”

WHAT THEY’RE DOING FOR YOU: Ever scan the nutrition labels on a bag of pretzels before tossing it in your shopping cart? Or checked for a USDA certified-organic label on your fruits and veggies? You have the CSPI to thank for it—their campaigns resulted in legisla- tion requiring Nutrition Facts labels on packaged food and the passage of the 1990 Organic Foods Production Act, which set up the authority for the USDA to oversee organic labeling. Furthermore, the nonprofit has been instrumental in winning passage of laws improving school foods, and establishing a modern food safety program, says Politano. And they’re currently working with policymakers and the food industry to lower the sodium content of packaged foods.

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