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logoThis nonprofit started 20 years ago when its founders put out the group’s first consumer awareness report on pesticides found in kids’ food. Since then, the EWG has published numerous reports and guides to help educate consumers on what might be in the products they bring home, says Alex Formuzis, vice president of media relations. Their main policy areas focus on toxic chemicals and human health, farming and agricultural subsidies, and public lands and corporate accountability.

WHAT THEY’RE DOING FOR YOU: Take your pick: The group’s annual Dirty Dozen list of foods with the highest pesticide residue has become a go-to source for shoppers, and their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, which matches chemicals used in personal care products against toxicity databases, has influenced numerous companies to remove ingredients from their products. The organization is also researching the risks associated with hydraulic fracturing and is a major lobbyist for reform in the way governmental farm subsidies are set up, says Formuzis.

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