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logoFair Trade USA is a nonprofit that works with U.S. companies that sell products carrying the Fair Trade Certified label and the international suppliers they source from to ensure both sides are meeting requirements of Fair Trade practices. This means ensuring better prices and wages, safe working conditions, and strict environmental standards for farmers; a stronger, more transparent supply chain for businesses; and for consumers, an “easy way to know that the products you buy are supporting farming communities,” says spokesperson Katie Barrow.

WHAT THEY’RE DOING FOR YOU: Fair Trade USA’s main goal is mainstreaming Fair Trade to further its impact on farmers—the organization currently partners with more than 800 U.S. companies, including Whole Foods Market, Green Mountain Coffee, and Honest Tea, who all use Fair Trade ingredients. And every October, the organization holds educational events, in-store sampling programs, community gatherings, and more in honor of Fair Trade Month.

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