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This organization, which has nearly 1.1 million members, works both online and on the ground for women, mothers, and families to increase family economic security, decrease discrimination against women and moms, and create public policy and educational outreach to its members and the public. “We deliver the voices of moms to the very top and let elected leaders know what’s really going on with women across America,” says co-founder and executive director Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner.

WHAT THEY’RE DOING FOR YOU: The nonprofit has been influential in the passage of a number of legislative issues, including laws throughout the country for earned sick days, clean air regulation and policy, pushing for healthy snacks and lunches in schools, and making breast pumps tax-deductible, says Rowe-Finkbeiner. Activists have also helped institute a policy for pump breaks for moms taking the LSAT, campaigned for realistic and fair wages, and worked towards instituting gun safety policies.

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