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cornucopia-logo2The goal of the Cornucopia Institute is to “promote economic justice for family-scale farmers, primarily in the organic community,” says the organic watchdog organization’s policy director, Charlotte Vallaeys. Whether that’s by bringing attention to brands using nonregulated, and therefore non-verified, terms (like “all-natural”) in order to compete with smaller organic companies, or ensuring that regulations are followed by food producers so consumers can trust the organic label—if it’s in the organic food sector, Cornucopia has likely impacted policy.

WHAT THEY’RE DOING FOR YOU: If you follow consumer advocacy groups, you’ve probably heard of Cornucopia’s numerous scorecards and shopping lists (all of which can be found on their website), providing consumers with information about the products they see in stores. And several of their reports, including the Organic Cereal and Dairy Reports, have brought a commitment from companies to change ingredients in their products.

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