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Nighttime Routine


Research shows the importance of having at least 30 to 90 minutes of screen-free time before bed. To this end, have everyone “unplug” and turn of all screens an hour to an hour and a half before lights go out. Once everyone is set, cuddle together in the master bed or on a comfy couch. You can read books, talk about fun summer memories—or even give each other foot massages!


Who doesn’t like receiving a special secret letter? Write a heartfelt note to your child (for example: your favorite part of the day, a reason why you love her, things to dream about) and put it under her pillow, letting her know she can’t read it until she’s finished getting ready for bed. Tis treasured goal not only makes the routine faster, but sets up a nice bonding moment, too. To up the fun each night, hide it in different  places, like under a book or behind a stuffed animal.


Signal the start to your child’s bedtime routine with a song—it’ll let him know it’s time to stop what he’s doing, clean up, put on his pajamas, and brush his teeth. Challenge him to complete the routine before the music runs out! Ten, set up a meeting place on the living room couch (or in a big bed) where the party can continue until the whole family is done. When choosing a song, stick to relaxing picks—those by The Beatles, or “Goodnight” by Te Laurie Berkner Band are good choices.

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