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Steer Clear of Static Cling

No one likes wading through the mini electrical storm that is a pile of just-dried clothes—but artificial fragrances and other chemicals mean conventional dryer sheets (which then get tossed in the trash) aren’t necessarily the healthiest option for people or the planet.

Three greener, waste-free ways to banish cling:

1. Add white vinegar. A quarter cup to half cup poured in during your washer’s rinse cycle banishes static by softening fabrics. In neutralizes odor, too.

2. Toss in a dryer ball. It helps fluff up clothing, keeping items from sticking together (plus, it reduces drying time). Try Bog Berry Trees and Seas dryer balls ($36 for a set of six in the KIWI Shop), or EveryDayWillow’s wool options ($7,

3. Separate clothes. Synthetic materials create more cling, so dry them separately from natural fibers. Or, air-dry them for no cling at all.

Reprinted from KIWI Magazine


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