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Clockwise from top: Father and son take a peaceful sail; Marine life swims through the deck of a sunken ship off St. Lucia; Young explorers capture underwater fun on the Zayak Sea Sled; Fishing boats sit on ST. Lucia’s shore.

Curious little ones will love exploring the ocean from the safety of a Zayak Sea Sled at Royalton St. Lucia. Each sled features clear bottom panels so young swimmers can peek at creatures without having to go underwater.

Adventurers can opt for complimentary snorkeling or scuba excursions through groups like Nexus Tours when staying at Royalton St. Lucia. First timers┬ácan take a free diving lesson pre-outing to get comfortable with the gear. Once below the ocean’s surface, they’ll spot sea urchins, crabs, barred fish, and other schools of ocean critters.

Budding sailors can take to the open seas with their choice of kayak or paddle boat for an exploratory adventure. More experienced sailors may even take advantage of the onside Hobie boats.

Clockwise from top: Royalton St. Lucia employs green practices at its hotels; The local favorite, green figs, are waiting to be picked; An authentic Caribbean meal of red snapper and rice is served; The banana plant can grow to be 30 feet.

The breadfruit, a firm vegetable, will remind kids of an American staple, the potato, except it packs a protein punch and is rich in vitamin C.

Green Figs (the local name for unripened bananas) are one of Saint Lucia’s largest exports. Unlike their ripened counterparts, they are rich in probiotics and contain less sugar.

One of the most popular catches in Saint Lucia, the red snapper is a white fish that’s rich in selenium, vitamin A, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Clockwise from top: Local phrases are taught in Royalton St. Lucia’s language lessons; The distinctive sound of the Caribbean comes from the steel drum instrument; Plantains are a delicious staple of island culture.

At Royalton St. Lucia, complimentary classes are offered to kids at the Clubhouse Kids Club and Hangout Teens Club.

Youngsters get the chance to hear local music and even play steel drums in the island music workshops.

Saint Lucia was owned by both the British and the French, so residents speak a distinct French Creole. Your littles can pick up a few basic phrases during a fun language lesson.

Pint-sized vacationers can even play chef in different smoothie and cooking workshops while they enjoy treats native to the island.

Clockwise from top: The Soufrier Volcano hasn’t erupted since the early 1700’s; Visitors can drive into the volcano to visit the mud baths; The Royal Spa offers the perfect spot for relaxation.

If you want a spa experience for the whole family, head to Sulphur Springs, the world’s only drive-through volcano. With soothing mud baths, kids will have a ball getting as dirty as they want, but mom and dad will love the restorative skin benefits. Locals say the mud detoxifies the body and helps heal sunburns and eczema. Post mud bath, everyone can hop into a natural waterfall to rinse off and splash around.

Parents can also check out the Royal Spa at Royalton St. Lucia, which features a menu of options including detoxifying treatments, massages, and even a body scrub from the sustainably produced brand, Babor.

To learn more about Royalton St. Lucia and their commitment to sustainable travel, visit

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Family fun at the splash pool.


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