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Have the kids mix some cookie dough in a bowl and put it in the middle of the table. Divide chocolate chips (or raisins for oatmeal cookies) into individual piles for every member of the family. Then, take turns putting a chip or raisin into the dough—each time you add one, share a memory about Mom or a reason why you love her. She can join in, too, and say what she’s proud of or loves about being a mom. When you bake the dough into cookies, they’ll taste extra full of love.


Grab a big piece of paper and have Mom draw a line or simple design. Pass around the paper, giving everyone in the family a chance to add a line or a color to the drawing, until you decide together that your Mommy Masterpiece is complete. Date it, frame it, and remember this Mother’s Day for years to come.


Remind Mom of all she’s accomplished by bringing out the photo albums and home movies. Cuddle together on the couch to look at pictures of her when she was pregnant, watch a birth video if you have one, and admire all the baby photos (wow, how everyone has grown!). Shower her with memories and let the stories roll. It’s a special way of celebrating not just what it means to be a mom, but what it means for your family.

Traci Paige Johnson, a member of KIWI’s editorial advisory board, is a children’s media expert and mom of three. The co-creator of Blue’s Clues and Super WHY!, she is also the founder of Yummico, which makes “delicious media that’s good and good for you.” 

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