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3 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Cooking

Cooking with kids can be fun! Follow these steps to help get them excited about cooking, then check out our Cooking With Kids recipes for ideas.

Downsize your tools. Stock up on a few tools that are safe for children to use and that fit their smaller hands, including kid-safe knives, smaller bowls, and child-size mixing spoons, whisks, and aprons. Your little ones will feel extra important with their own equipment.

Make it fun. Incorporate laughter and games into the cooking process. After a productive trip to the farmers’ market, for example, stage a taste test between different apple varieties and ask all family members to vote.

Let them experiment. Mixing up concoctions out of inexpensive items allows kids to feel empowered in the kitchen without the stress of following a recipe.

What do you do to get your kids excited about cooking? Tell us in the comments!

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