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fitnessIf you’’re looking for the secret to more active kids, we’’ve found it: you! A recent study from British researchers revealed that when Mom exercised more, her kids did, too. Want to get moving as a family? Try these games from Jodi Rosenwasser Levine, mom and founder of Jodi’s Gym in New York City.

Freeze-less freeze dance:

Instead of standing still when the music stops, everyone does an exercise —like jumping jacks or hopping on one foot —until the song restarts.

Hot spot:

Draw large colored circles with side-walk chalk at different points on the driveway. Then have one person call out colors while the remaining players race to different spots. (Try swapping out the colors for letters or shapes for another learning opportunity.)

Pop jump:

Take leftover bubble wrap and cut it into sections about the size of each player’s shoes. Secure the bubble wrap to soles with tape and have a race to see who can bounce on their feet to pop all their bubbles first——it’’s more difficult than you think!

Pair-’em-up race:

Place a laundry basket in a central area (like the living room) and scatter single socks in various locations throughout your house. Have everyone race against the clock to see how many socks can be paired up and returned to the basket.

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