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Trend #1 – Conscious Capitalism + Ultra Transparency
Trendsetter: YumButter

YumButter - Expo West Trends

It’s hard not to notice how Big Food has increasingly cozied up to the natural foods space, lifting its language of feel-good terms like “farm to table,” and “natural.” Add a farmer’s story and some beautiful images from nature, and voila! Research shows that consumers are lured into thinking such “natural” products exceed organic in terms of quality and regulation.

In response, a whole new crop of trendsetters are taking conscious capitalism to an ultra transparent level, distancing and distinguishing themselves from Big Food on integrity and value.

Take Yum Butter, for instance. In addition to employing people with disabilities, Yum Butter’s freshly ground, small-batch crafted organic nut and seed butters promote their “Buy One: Feed One” business model: Buy one jar, and you feed one malnourished child in the world. Need more transparency? They boast a carbon neutral partnership with the Carbon Fund—a third party verification program helping consumers trust company’s claims about reduced environmental impact.

Much of this ultra transparency trend is enabled by technology: One Degree Organics lets consumers trace every single ingredient back to its source through QSR codes and online ingredient trackers. The goal? Storytelling that helps you gain a sense of the positive ripple effect your purchase potentially makes.

One caveat: While this trend is admirable in providing more metrics to measure the companies we choose to do business with, remember to still read ingredient lists, and minimize products made with refined grains, added sugars, and high amounts of saturated fat—even if brought to you by creditable companies.

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