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Neat - Expo West TrendsTrend #3: Sustainably Sourced Protein

Trendsetter: Neat

Protein is continuing its major makeover in 2014. With all the concerns around sustainability, added hormones, antibiotics, and animal welfare, expect more plant- (and insect!) based protein moving into the mainstream, making busy lives easier. From cleaner protein-packed snacks for nourishment on-the-go (such as roasted pumpkin seeds or spiced chickpeas), to full-blown meatless meal helpers, protein is definitely in the spotlight. 

One trendsetter in this category was Neat, a stunningly tasty vegetarian alternative to ground beef. Why is this product notable? Made with pecans, garbanzo beans, whole grain oats, whole grain cornmeal, and spices—it had the right texture, while being both soy- and gluten-free.

The biggest buzz in this category was from newcomer Chapul’s Original Cricket Energy Bar, a snack made with protein-rich and sustainably-sourced, ground cricket flour. The UN issued a report last year citing insects as an untapped, key source of protein to feed a growing planet sustainably. Are you game to try it?

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