Celebrate Daylight Savings

Marisa Iallonardo

Celebrate Daylight Savings

What can we do with the extra hour we get when we turn the clocks back for Daylight Savings Time?

Role reversal
Set your clocks back an hour earlier in the evening. That night, give your kids full reign of the roost for an hour—and see what kind of rules and plans they dream up. They can decide what activities everyone will do—like sing karaoke or have the grown-ups clean everyone’s rooms—or what to have as a snack. (If they say ice cream sundaes, so be it.)

Family tree time
You’re already going backward in time, so why not go a little farther? Borrow photo albums, scrapbooks, or even journals from grandparents or other older family members. Look through them with your kids to see how life—and Grammy and Gramps!—have changed over the years.

Clock cakes
On Sunday morning, cook up your favorite pancakes (try our whole wheat recipe here) and decorate them to look like clock faces: Put raisins along the pancake perimeter to mark each hour, a banana  slice for the clock center, and toothpicks for the hour and minute hands. While eating, talk about where you’d travel if you could go back or forward in time.

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