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What to Watch: Running Wild Documentary

Don’t miss Running Wild, a documentary that tells the inspirational story of cowboy Dayton O. Hyde, who moved to south Dakota at age 65 to help conserve America’s West and protect our country’s wild horses.

We think you’ll love the beautiful footage from Hyde’s Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary—as well as his views on preserving wildlife.

“When I first encountered Dayton Hyde he was living alone on 11,000 acres in the Black Hills of South Dakota, surrounded by the thundering hooves of horses and the music of song birds. His stories of the West and his passion for wildlife captivated me, and I knew I would be back to create a film about a man who found freedom in the horses he is saving,” Suzanne Mitchell said in her director’s statement.

The film illustrates the severe differences between captured and free horses, while also revealing stories from Hyde’s fascinating life as a cowboy and conservationist. Learn more about this documentary by clicking here.

If you want to help support Hyde’s cause, text “HORSE” to 46986 to donate any amount or go to to find a screening near you.

Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (Official Trailer) from Suzanne Mitchell on Vimeo.


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