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Apps that organize ZipList This app lets you keep your recipes, grocery lists, and coupons all in one place. Plus, your account can be shared with other family members—so you don’t have to do all the shopping. Another cool feature? Scan the barcodes of items already in your pantry to quickly add those things to your shopping list. (For iPad, iPhone, and Android, free)

Artkive Have a creative child? All th­­at artwork is great, but it can be a challenge to store it all. Artkive lets you snap a photo of her drawings and tag them with her name, grade, and date. Then, you can share her masterpieces with family and friends, or turn them into a keepsake book using Artkive’s printing feature. (For iPad, iPhone, and Android, free) If you’re always thinking of your plans while you’re on the run, try putting them on this app, a simple task manager that sets reminders and has the ability to sync with your computer via Chrome. You can speak into the app via voice recognition software and record your to-dos in seconds. (For iPad, iPhone, and Android, free)

Here’s a few other handy (and free!) apps that are perfect tools for busy moms:

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