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Why we love them: Low in calories per serving, yet high in minerals and vitamins, avocados are a nutrient dense food that tastes good with just about anything. This creamy and smooth crowd favorite is also full of monounsaturated fat that can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood to keep your heart healthy.

How to choose them: Pick a ripe avocado by how it feels. Avoid ones that are still hard and instead, select a firm fruit that gives a little when you press on it. Steer clear of ones with soft spots, as they are past their peak.

How to store them: Ripening avocados can be stored at room temperature. Fresh cut avocados should be stored in an airtight bag or container in the fridge and used within a couple of days.

Delicious ways to use them: This versatile fruit can be whipped up into a flavorful guacamole, mashed and served as your baby’s first fresh food, or spread atop your favorite whole grain toast. You can even add avocados to your smoothies, sprinkle atop your salads, or mix into your soups, chili, or omelets.

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