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Baking Ingredients We Love

These products feature all-natural ingredients and no artificial additives or colors—so you can feel even better about the treats you make for your family!

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour

This mix of wheat-free flours makes allergy-friendly baking easy ($13 for 5 lbs.,

Color Garden Holiday Food Coloring

These dyes get their colors from ingredients like beets, carrots, and turmeric ($10 for 4 packets,

Domino Certified Organic Sugar

Less processed than the traditional variety, this sugar is produced without pesticides ($3 for 24 oz.,

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This nondairy product can be swapped in for butter in many baking recipes ($12 for 14 oz.,

Endangered Species Natural Hazelnut with Cocoa Spread

A delicious addition to cookies or cupcakes, this spread is non-GMO and fair trade ($8 for 9 oz.,

Hodgson Mill Milled Flax Seed

High in omega-3s, flax seed can be used as an egg-substitute in vegan baking ($3 for 12 oz.,

India Tree Nature’s Colors Sprinkles

Plant extracts give these decorations their vibrant hues ($5, natural food stores).

King Arthur Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

This is specially ground for baking and is a good source of dietary fiber ($9 for 3 lbs.,

Miss Jones Baking Co. Frosting

Available in chocolate and vanilla, these are the first-ever organic, trans-fat-free shelf-stable frostings ($6 for 12 oz.,

Monk Fruit In the Raw Cup for Cup

This zero-calorie sweetener—made from monk fruit—offers an easy 1-to-1 swap for regular sugar ($21 for two 4.8 oz. bags,

Nielsen-Massey Organic Fair Trade Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract

This vanilla is both organic and fair trade ($9, supermarkets).

Now Real Food Certified Organic Raw Walnuts

These organic nuts are as tasty for baking as they are for snacking ($11 for 12 oz.,

Rich & Creamy Melt Organic

This vegan buttery spread has half the saturated fat of regular butter and works well in baked goods ($20 for four 13 oz. tubs,

Theo Baking Bar

This 85% dark chocolate baking bar is organic and soy-free ($5 for 4 oz.,

Wholesome! Organic Raw Honey

You can swap in three quarters of a cup of this Fair Trade Certified honey for 1 cup of refined sugar in your recipes ($9 for 16 oz.,

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