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Discovery Sharks ($4.99, iPad, ages 4+)

Prepare to be amazed by the footage of graceful sharks doing what they do best. The games on this app enable kids to help their favorite shark find the right food and hit the “bite” button (they have to be able to identify the right food for each shark to earn points) The best part is that there is an educational component, but it is cleverly disguised as a fun app. Love this.


Duck in New York City ($3.99 iPad, ages 4+, read and sing along)

If you are a Duck in New York City, you might have to take a taxi to the park or to a Knicks game. This lovely book by Secret Garden is now an app for iPad and loads of fun for the 2-6 age group. You can have a karaoke sing-a-long with the theme song, or just listen and read the story. The ducks are endearing and adults will get a kick out of some of the New York City references.


NatGeo Weird but True ($1.99, iPad, ages 4+)

This fun app will enthrall kids with the craziest and weirdest facts from Mother Nature. Peanut Butter can be turned into diamonds? Sign me up. And, cheetahs can change direction mid-flight while chasing prey? Hippo sweat is red? Note to self – never get in a situation where I see this up close and personal. I was amazed by all of the weird facts and I am, um, older than a kid. Fun for the whole family. Now, about that peanut butter into diamonds idea…


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