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Awe. Some. I have a renewed respect for sharks and really hope I never meet one fin to face. There are many books on sharks on the shelves, but Nat Geo really tales you into their territory with razor-sharp photography and mesmerizing text. I’d bump the age range from 6-12 if the younger ones aren’t easily spooked! I see this book inspiring many, many book reports.

Product Description

Satisfy the shark-fact feeding frenzy! These torpedo-shaped swimmers are an obsession for many kids. In Everything Sharks, exciting photos depict great whites, hammerheads, and more. Scientists tell hair-raising tales about encounters. With its awesome facts and action-packed images, this book brings kids close to the mysterious lives of sharks.

Product information

National Geographic Kids Everything Sharks: All the shark facts, photos, and fun that you can sink your teeth into
by Ruth Musgrave
National Geographic Children’s Books; Brdbk edition , April 12, 2011

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