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Genius! Did you know before you carve your Halloween pumpkin that it might have Very Specific ideas about what it should be. A cat? A cobra? A triceratops? This book stands alone because the pictures are all intricately pumpkins carved by Hugh McMahon. Spectacular!

Product Description

A group of restless pumpkinheads are tired of spending every Halloween sitting on the porch while all the kids get to dress up and go trick-or-treating. This year, the pumpkins magnificently transform into fearsome Frankenstein, the Loch Ness monster, a woolly mammoth, and even a grand slime beast . . . and then hit the town!

Kids and parents will love ogling the astounding photographs of Hugh McMahon’s real carved pumpkins and laughing along with the story”s surprise ending. And with step-by-step carving instructions and photos included in the book, they can also create their own masterpieces.

About the Author

Michael J. Rosen has written many award-winning books for kids. He lives in Glenford, Ohio.

Master carver Hugh McMahon lives in Brooklyn, New York. His work has appeared on Today, Good Morning America, Martha Stewart, and many other places.

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Night of the Pumpkinheads
by Michael J. Rosen and Hugh McMahon
Dial, August 18, 2011

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Cautions: Slightly scary but really fun!

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