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This book takes you into the sea, deep into the hearts and homes of whales. In conjunction with the Natural Resources Defense Council, the author explores the fictional, legendary, and nonfictional perspective of these amazing creatures.

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The Secret World of Whales takes readers deep into the history of human encounters with whales. In conjunction with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Charles Siebert illuminates the latest research on these gentle giants. Readers will discover scientific findings that suggest that the human brain and the whale brain are surprisingly similar. They will dive into stories from fiction and legend, as well as real-life tales of ships raised in the air on the back of a whale. With masterful storytelling and impressive photographs, this comprehensive book brings new light to the mysterious underwater world of whales.

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NRDC The Secret World of Whales
by Charles Siebert
Chronicle Books , April 20, 2011

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Cautions: Some difficult passages about hunting whales and species survival

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