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I love poetry, but it can be a tough sell for some kids.  This author upped the ante by making all of these poems about cars, and enlisting the help of an amazing illustrator to make this book irresistible.

Publisher’s Notes:
The U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate and an award-winning children’s poet join their prolific forces in this picture book of poems about cars. But they’re not just any cars: there’s the “Sloppy-Floppy-Nonstop-Jalopy” (“So unique there is no copy”); the Bathtub Limosine (“With hot water heating / And porcelain seating”); and the “High Heel Car.” Each of the thirteen quirky, inventive poems will speak directly to the imaginations of children, as will Holmes’s high-concept, detail-filled illustrations.

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Poem-mobiles: Crazy Car Poems
J. Patrick Lewis (Author) , Douglas Florian (Author)
Schwartz & Wade , January 7, 2014

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