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Join Roneet and the Fairy Princess who helps her conquer her fears of the Green Monsters. As you will see, the Green Monsters aren’t what they seem to be. She gets the help from the Fairy Princess who knows a thing or two about these so called bad characters. Roneet soon realizes that the Nasty Family Foods can’t compare to the power of the Good Family Foods. With 20 pages filled with colorful illustrations and a special coloring book section where they can review all the characters in the book, your child will learn the difference between eating what is good versus what just tastes good

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Roneet and the Fairy Princess Who Helped Conquer Her Fears of the Green Monsters
Dianne Lazer MA CCC-SLP/COM Lic (Author), Celia Padron MD FAAP (Author), Rose Payne CHHC (Author), Lisa Braun (Illustrator)
T'zuna Bria Publishing Co LLC , (July 1, 2010

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