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This is a wonderful guide for librarians, teachers, and parents to embrace the wild and wonderful world of literature for children. Most of us can see what’s popular by looking at book rankings but sometimes wonderful books don’t make that list. This volume summarizes current children’s titles. The beauty of this book is that it is instantly out of date because more wonderful books are always hitting the shelf.





Shopping for children’s books in a store and online doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience—even if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for. This illustrated guide willhelp you choose books that are appropriate for children of all ages, whether for your own family’s library or as gifts for others. And you can be sure that every book that’s recommended has been carefully vetted.


Organized by age, reading levels, and formats, the easy-to-browse chapters are filled with thoughtful reviews of the “best of the best” books within the following categories:


• Newborn to two years


• Picture books


• Beginning readers


• Chapter book series


• Middle grade readers


• Innovative formats


• Fairy tales, folktales and anthologies


• Poetry


• Growing up experiences and new transitions/milestones


• Nonfiction and reference

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The Barnes & Noble Guide to Children’s Books
Kaylee N. Davis
Sterling, 4/20/2013

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