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Get ready for a costume swap

It’s almost Halloween and National Costume Swap Day is right around the corner! On October 12, families across the country will be getting together to exchange gently used Halloween costumes at events sponsored by Green Halloween and KIWI. Want to take part? Find a swap in your community at, or start one yourself. Here are a few ways to make your swap a success, from Green Halloween co-founder Corey Colwell-Lipson.

Make it an event. In addition to swapping costumes, bring in more fun with games, face painting, or a craft station where kids can decorate their own reusable Halloween bags.

Stay organized. When parents and kids bring their old costumes, hang them on a rack organized by size so that people won’t have to sift through messy boxes.

Stage a changing area. Or, remind kids to come in swimsuits or long underwear so they’re able to try on costumes before taking them home.

Reprinted from KIWI Magazine


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