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Hi friends!

Guess which holiday is coming up soon? If you guessed Mother’s Day, you’re right! And I have a great gift already in mind. I’m making a coupon book for my mom, full of ways I can show my appreciation for her. Here’s how you can make your own:

  • First, think of all the things your mom does for the family. How can you lend a hand? I thought that drying the dishes and setting the table would make my mom happy.
  • Then add some sweet coupons like, “Give mom a big hug every morning for a week!”
  • Finally, have your dad or another adult help you staple the coupon book together. You can decorate the pages with nontoxic crayons or markers.

Want some ideas for your coupon book? You can print out five blank coupons and five pre-written coupons by clicking here. I hope your mom enjoys her gift!

mother's day coupon book

Your friend,

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