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The latest rage in kid-friendly home accessories takes upcycling to a whole new level as dozens of companies create lamps, chairs, storage units, and more out of cardboard. Designers cut pieces of freshly recycled material—which is typically used to create new boxes—and instead turn them into a variety of objects.

Click through the slideshow to see some of our favorite pieces of cardboard furniture.

  • Dolly Cardboard Bookshelf
    This sweet shelf not only holds books and toys but also doubles as a pretend playhouse ($159,
  • Egg of Columbus Light Pendant
    Each of these hanging lights is crafted from recycled cardboard egg cartons ($46,
  • Cardboard Rocket Table
    Future astronauts will think this side table is out of this world. Bonus: Its internal shelves are perfect for storing special trinkets ($60,
  • S-cube chair
    The colorful seat doubles as a stool and features a soft faux-leather panel that adds a bright pop of color ($101,
  • Modern Print Storage Boxes
    Corraling clutter is easy with the help of these patterned storage cubes ($18 for three,
  • Pattern Cardboard Bust
    Animal lovers will go wild for these faux taxidermies—available in a variety of styles and prints ($40,
  • Kids Night Stand
    Each child-sized stand is crafted with recycled wood and features a trio of printed cardboard drawers ($65,
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