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An old Christmas dress, craft felt, and a little  glue was all it took to pull together this Minnie Mouse–inspired outfit. “We even bunched up her hair into puffs to create ears,” says Acacia’s father, Patrick. 


White felt
Hot glue gun (if kids are helping, this should used with parental supervision)
Old red dress
Red felt


  1. Cut several small circles from the white felt. (If needed, use a cup and pencil to trace the circle shape.) Cut other dress accents like trim for a collar, or cuffs for the sleeves from the felt as well.
  2. Glue the felt polka dots to the dress, scattering them throughout. Attach other accents with glue.
  3. Roll the black felt into a cone shape to create the tail. Then cut a small one-inch slit in the back of the dress where you want the tail to sit.
  4. Loop the tail through the hole and secure on the inside of the dress using hot glue.
  5. Cut three rectangles (about 3-inches-by-1-inch) from red felt. Use two of the felt pieces to create loops, securing them with hot glue. Attach the two loops together creating the bow shape.
  6. Then wrap the third rectangle around where the former pieces are joined to create the bow’s center. Secure with hot glue. If wanted, you can add white polka dots to the bow as well. Attach the bow to the headband.
  7. Pair the dress with black leggings and shoes to finish the costume.




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