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“My two boys loved the supersoft fleece their owl costumes were made of, plus the heavy material kept them warm for the chilly Syracuse trick or treat!” says mom, Yuki.

See below for how to make the owl hat. Then, click on page 2 for instructions on how to make the owl cape, and page 3 for how to make the owl body.

Owl hat


Flexible measuring tape
Orange fleece
Dark orange felt
Brown felt
White felt
2 two-inch buttons
Red felt
Snap buttons


1. Using the measuring tape, take the following measurements of your child:

A. the circumference of his head

B. the length from the top of his head to his chin

C. the top of his head to the top of his eyebrows

D. the top of his head to the nape of the neck.

                        You will use these measurements to create a pattern.

2. Using your measurements, trace and cut a pattern onto paper. Cut two of the hat shapes featured on the left, in the diagram below. Then edit those shapes based on the other two diagrams (center and right). You can click on the diagrams to enlarge them. 

3. Trace these patterns onto the fleece and cut out, leaving an extra ¼ inch allowance around all edges.

4. Sew the front panel to the back panel along the edges using a simple stitch, then turn the piece inside out so that your seams are on the inside.

5. Cut 6 football shaped pieces from your dark orange felt. The pieces should be 2 inches wide and ¾ inch tall at the center.

6. Cut two 3½-inch diameter circles from the brown felt. Then create small, half-inch slices along the edges of the circle towards the center to create fringe.

7. Cut two 2½-inch diameter circles from the white felt. Sew the white circles onto the brown felt. Then sew the buttons onto the center of the white circles.

8. Cut a small triangle from red felt to create the beak.

9. Sew eyes, beak, snap buttons, and football pieces onto the hat following the sketch below to create the owl face.



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