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Click on page 1 for instructions on how to make the owl hat, and page 3 for how to make the owl body.

Owl Cape


Orange fleece


1. From one yard of the fleece, cut a circle with a 36-inch diameter. To determine the circumference, attach an 18-inch-long string to a thumbtack in the center of the fabric; make marks 18 inches out from the center all around, then cut.

2. In the center of the large circle, use a bowl as a guide to draw a smaller, 5-inch diameter circle.

3. Cut a straight line from the outer edge of the circle to the inner circle. Then cut out the 5-inch circle. Your fabric should resemble the sketch below:

4. Cut two pieces of ribbon, ½ yard each. Tie one end of each in a knot, and then sew each smooth end to one side of the cape’s neck edge. This will allow you to tie the cape shut.

5. Cut several feather shapes from felt. Then sew a line of feathers near the bottom of the capes edge. Repeat the process, sewing lines of feathers on top of one and another, so that the feathers overlap slightly. Complete this process until the entire cape is covered.

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