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The Potato Heads

Together with Mom’s help, this dynamic duo brought a classic toy to life. “I assembled the costumes from felt, and we stuffed them with balloons to help keep the shape,” explains mom, Kelli. “The kids helped to design the entire thing—they even picked out hats to top off their costumes.” 


Brown felt
Black mesh
Hot glue gun (if kids are helping, this should used with parental supervision)
White felt
Fur trim
Red felt
Pink felt
Punching balloons
Safety pins



  1. Take a large piece of brown felt and fold it in half, you’ll need to create two pieces for each potato (a front and back). Use chalk to draw the outline of the potato shape making sure that it is as tall as your child and significantly wider. Cut the outline out.
  2. On the back of your front potato cut out, use a placemat or bowl to trace where the eyes will go. Then carefully cut the eye shapes out. Hot glue black mesh over the holes, this will allow your kids to see and breathe through the eyes!
  3. Create all of your facial features from the felt and fur. Then attach the features to the front potato shape. Our winners made lips, noses, and ears from red and pink felt. The lips were sewn and stuffed like you would when making a pillow and then attached with hot glue.
  4. Turn your potato shapes so that the front faces the back of your costume. Carefully sew the edges of the costume together all the way around, leaving room at the bottom for your child to enter the costume through. Turn your costume inside out (so the face is visible). Your child can now step inside.
  5. To puff out the sides of the potato while your kid is wearing it, attach punching balloons to your child’s tights using a safety pin.
  6. Glue on your hat, have your child put on some comfy sneakers, and he’s ready to trick or treat!



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