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Dream Works

Movie: Home
DreamWorks’ latest film, Home, tells the story of two fugitives—a resourceful girl named Tip, voiced by Rihanna, and a banished alien named Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons—who come together to save the planet from an alien race known as the Boov. The story line is filled with encouraging, inspiring messaging, like “Mistakes make you human” and “Together we can change the world.” And by keeping these positive messages orbiting subtly around eye-popping animation (and super-fun dance sequences), DreamWorks has created a truly stellar film. (The movie is rated PG and opened March 27, 2015.)

DVD: Yoga for Kids—Outer Space Blastoff
Having experienced many kids’ yoga classes, I was impressed by the originality of the space theme in Yoga for Kids—Outer Space Blastoff, one of three instructional DVDs being released by Gaiam this month. It’s a refreshing take on traditional poses, and the fun approach helps prepare little minds and bodies for a galactic adventure. Even though the special effects aren’t the most sophisticated in this DVD, I enjoyed its homegrown feel and the instructor, Jodi, who is genuine and down-to-earth. My 10-year-old, 4-year-old, and I enjoyed blasting off together! (On sale March 3, $15,

App: Homes by Tinybop
The makers of the critically acclaimed Human Body app (one of the most popular games in our house) recently released their newest project, Homes, which allows kids to explore how other children around the world live, play, eat, and sleep. The attention to detail in this app is stunning—the more you look, the more you see! And by allowing players to interact in so many ways (from adding logs to the fire to cooking dinner), Tinybop has managed to combine beautiful design with creative exploration in a charming app that expands kids’ minds ($4, iOS).

Website: Night Zookeeper
This endearing site allows kids to create their own characters and animals in a magical world. In order to move the story along, kids draw via touch screen or by scanning in their own doodles. The more images they create, the more of the story they unlock. They can also choose from a library of drawings by other children and use those to keep the game going. Though I found the narration and setup to be a bit campy, I appreciated how the site nests creativity within a great story to stretch kids’ creative muscles. (To start playing, go to

Movie: Cinderella
Once again, Disney has gone into its vault and rejuvenated a classic. This live-action reboot of Cinderella stars Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother and Lily James as Cinderella in an elegant, exquisite rendition with breathtaking visual effects. (And, of course, English accents always make things seem a little bit classier!) The film’s abundance of sparkles and magic excited this exhausted mom with dreams of beautiful balls and lovely dresses, and the takeaway message is good, square Disney fare: “Where there is kindness, there is goodness, and where there is goodness, there is magic.” (The PG film hit theaters March 13, 2015.)

Traci Paige Johnson, a member of KIWI’s editorial advisory board, is a children’s media expert and mom of three. The co-creator of Blue’s Clues and Super WHY!, she is also the founder of Yummico, which makes “delicious media that’s good and good for you.” 

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