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Never before have there been so many amazing eco-friendly baby products. Here are some of our favorites, perfect for mealtime.

eco-friendly baby products

1. The Multi Star Organic Bib’s pattern comes from water-based ink ($25,

2. Poncho Baby’s organic muslin Reversible Bandana Bib has Western flair ($15,

3. Made of GOTS cotton, the Square & Circle Burp Set is extra absorbent ($36,

4. Recylced milk jugs get a new life in Green Eats’ Plates and Bowls ($8-$13,

5. Recylced milk jugs get a new life in Re-Play’s Utensils ($5 for 4 sets,

6. This Bib Set is made of bamboo ($20 for 3 bibs,

7. Made of organic cotton, the Rufus bodysuit features an under-the-sea pattern ($80,

8. The adjustable Tripp Trapp High Chair is constructed from sustainable wood and colored with water-based paint ($249,

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