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fall family activitiesLeaf Dance

Head outside and boogie! Your kids can come up with a new kind of dance by placing leaves in different positions on the ground and then stepping, jumping, and twirling from one to another (like following footprints when learning a dance). Or they can do mother nature’s version: Instead of deciding where the leaves should go, little choreographers can make up some moves based on how the leaves have fallen from the tree. When you and your kids are done dancing, make a trail of leaves to hop on (like lily pads) that leads to a final leap into a giant leaf pile.

Apple Talk

During dinner, pass an apple around the table: As each person gets it, he has to say one thing he loves about fall, then take a bite and pass the apple along to the next family member. (Too many slobbery kids at your table? Cut slices first and pass around the bowl.) If you want to play again another night, but you’ve been through all of the great things about fall, share your favorite things that are red, or say what you’d like to do over the weekend. Or, have your kids come up with a question everyone can answer!

Pumpkin Surprise

To start, draw a silly or scary face on a pumpkin. The next morning, give someone the task of hiding the pumpkin in a funny place (laundry hamper, shower, under the covers); the person who finds it has to hide it for someone else to discover the next day. The longer you keep up the game, the funnier the hiding places will get. Hint: Just be sure the hiding spot isn’t so good that you’ll wind up with an unhappy surprise come December!

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