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glitterbelleAlthough she is a descendant of the duchess in The Princess and the Pea, Glitterbelle is not your typical fairy tale star. She actually finds it challenging to fit the role of “princess,” since she’d rather be climbing a tree or riding her scooter than attending to official business. Her whole family and all of her princess friends also love peas—a vegetable Glitterbelle detests—which makes her feel even more alienated. With the help of her parents, friends, and an old, shriveled pea, Glitterbelle soon learns the importance of staying true to yourself and loving the person you are. Accompanied by sparkly collage-style illustrations from Harriet Muncaster, Glitterbelle is an empowering story that encourages children to accomplish their goals.

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Glitterbelle: The Sparkliest Princess Ever!
Rachael Duckett
Parragon Books, December 2, 2014

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Cautions: Ages 6+

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