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natural hair productsWe all turn to styling products to help make our hair look its best. But many conventional options are actually loading up our locks with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and sulfates. So we went in search of alternatives that feature only the purest components. Here, we’ve identified key natural ingredients that give you the benefits you want—without damaging your hair or your health.

1. Indian Hemp

  • For: Growth and damage repair
  • KIWI Pick: Grow & Strengthen Edge Taming Taffy ($12,

2. Henna

3. Rice Flour

  • For: Absorbing oil in unwashed hair
  • KIWI Pick: Hair Powder ($30,

4. Plant-Derived Oils

5. Beeswax

6. Himalayan Pink Salt

  • For: Volume, texture, and beachy waves
  • KIWI Pick: Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist ($24,


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