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A recent study from the USDA found that kids are consuming more calories from snacks than ever before. Pair that with the fact that many packaged snacks have exorbitant amounts of sodium and sugar, and our kids could be on their way to major health problems. That’s why KIWI teamed up with top nutritionists to develop guidelines for choosing healthier snacks, then had kids taste dozens of products. Here, better-for-you grains and granola snacks.

1. Apple Almond Honey Granola from Glutenfreeda

Our kid-testers loved this gluten-free granola. “I can really taste the honey!” said Cameron, age 7 ($5 per bag, grocery stores).

healthy granola

2. Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters from Love Grown Foods

This granola has oat
clusters, walnut chunks, and dried apples. “I like the cinnamon flavor,” Kelly said ($5 per bag, grocery stores).

healthy granola

3. Apple Quinoa Cinnamon Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze from Munk Pack

This pouch is packed
with a mix of whole
grain rolled oats, flaxseeds, and fruit ($2 each, natural food stores).

healthy granola

4. Blueberry Banana Acai Soft Granola Bites from My Super Foods Company

“I like that these are a
mix between a cookie and
granola,” said Jennifer of these oat-and- fruit bites ($15 for 6 bags,

healthy granola

5. Blueberry Nut Bar from Two Moms in the Raw

This family business uses
only ingredients that
are 100 percent organic, raw, and vegan ($9 per box,

healthy granola

6. Classic Organic Granola from GrandyOats

This lower-sugar
granola is delicious right
out of the bag or as a yogurt topping ($36 per case,

healthy granola

7. Orange Cranberry Grawnola from Hail Merry

These granola snack
packs are sweetened
with real fruit juice. “It tastes like dessert but is better for me!” said Adeline ($5 per bag, natural food stores).

healthy granola

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