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Let’s Go Green!

Planting trees and digging in the garden aren’t the only ways to participate in Earth Day. Whether you decide to conserve water or reduce your use of chemicals, there are many easy ways that you can help the planet every day. These 22 Earth Day tips offer small ideas that can add up to make a big difference:

  1. Reduce shower time by 1 minute a day, which can save 900 gallons of water a year.
  2. Carpool to work—hitching a ride even one day a week can make a big difference.
  3. Forgo dairy one day a week. Its impact is like taking millions of cars off the road.
  4. Tossing electronics? Contact local electronic stores about trade-in programs.
  5. Instead of pesticides, sprinkle the lawn with cayenne. It’s a natural bug repellent!
  6. To beat static cling naturally, add ¼ cup white vinegar in the washer’s rinse cycle.
  7. Save water by reusing cups throughout the day, rather than washing every time.
  8. Unplug electronics and chargers that are not in use to reduce energy consumption.
  9. Keep the lights off during the day—natural sunlight will do.
  10. Collect rainwater in a bucket. Use it to water plants when it’s sunny out!
  11. Try using a clothing line instead of your dryer!
  12. Contact a scrap metal yard to recycle old keys, hangers, and foil.
  13. When at the park with your kids, pick up five pieces of litter each before playing.
  14. Don’t toss excess produce! Visit for ways to donate it.
  15. After mowing your lawn, sprinkle grass clippings over it for a natural fertilizer.
  16. Use a toothbrush with a bamboo handle, which is more eco-friendly than plastic.
  17. Don’t flush old medication, find a drop-off site at
  18. Wash clothes in cold water, not hot, to save energy.
  19. Reuse old phone book pages as packing material or garden mulch.
  20. Take back roads instead of sitting in traffic, since it causes less pollution.
  21. Encourage your child’s school to adapt a “no idling” policy for buses and cars.
  22. Use aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap, since foil can be recycled.

Share your Earth Day tips in the comments, or tweet us at @KIWIMagazine using the hashtag #KIWIEarthDay.


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