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make history funHow can we make learning about history even more fun? Here are three ideas to turn help teach your children about the past, without it feeling like a history lesson.


Since it can be tough for young kids to understand the concept of history and time, make a game out of it! The object: To match current photos of friends and relatives to photos of them when they were younger. Create it by collecting old and new photos—then glue them to construction paper and cut them into cards, which kids can match. Store the cards in a box to bring out at family reunions and get-togethers!


Show your child that history is more than just facts and dates—it’s all about the story. Visit with a grandparent, great-aunt, or elderly neighbor and learn about their past. Encourage your child to ask open-ended questions about what life was like when they were his age. Good starters: Tell me about the first day you came to the United States?, What after-school games did you play?, or What music did you listen to?


Print out a few photos from every year of your family’s life, like a new home or the first day of school. Roll out some butcher paper and work with your kids to put together your own historical timeline by taping the pictures to the paper and writing the date underneath. Then, make the past even more personal by adding some facts about what was going on in the country or the world at the time ( can help). Hang up the timeline in your child’s bedroom or playroom and keep adding to it as you celebrate more milestones!

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