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Cool Crafts for Cold Days

Winter Glove Monster Puppet

This is such a fun craft project that only uses a handful of materials! The only scraps you’ll be making are from cutting the scraps of long hair fur.

Sparkly Unicorn Hat
The mystical unicorn! Do you know anyone who loves them? It’s super easy to make your own unicorn horn from self-adhesive craft foam and ribbon.…
Make Homemade Clay
Watch your child’s creativity take shape with homemade clay! Allyson Zea, the mom behind family blog domesticsuperhero.com, shares her DIY recipe: Mix 1 cup of…


3 Easy Unicorn Recipes

All you need is a little unicorn magic to make any recipe into something fantastic! These recipes use Color Garden Pure Natural Food Colors. (PS: They don’t stain!)

Spa Night Slumber Party

Ditch the harmful chemicals found in conventional beauty products and set the girls up with a fun spa night, featuring these all-natural DIY recipes.

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