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For the 2014 KIWI Awards for Best Green Diapers, we recruited readers to test chlorine-free brands and tell us which ones they loved best. 


While it’s true that chlorine-free diapers aren’t as green as their cloth counterparts, they’re still a big step up from conventional options, which contain dioxins. A chemical byproduct of the chlorine bleaching process, dioxins can disrupt the development and function of endocrine glands and alter normal hormone levels. “They can be absorbed through the skin, especially when moisture is present, like with a dirty diaper,” says Catherine Bolden, president of the Real Diaper Association, a nonprofit advocating cloth diaper use. Once in the landfill, dioxins can also leach out of diapers and into surface and groundwater, potentially polluting marine life and drinking water.


Bambo Nature Maxi Premium Diapers

Our testers almost unanimously chose Bambo as their top pick. And for good reason: Hypoallergenic and certified free of harsh toxins and chemicals, the diapers are super- absorbent, virtually leak-proof, and boast easily-adjustable hook-and- loop fasteners. (

What moms loved: The absorbent core and soft, gentle texture were major pluses, and our moms liked the blue indicator on the front of the diapers that lets you know when babies are wet.


The Honest Company Honest Diapers

Made from sustainably- harvested, chlorine-free pulp, these plant-based diapers aren’t just better for the planet—their stretchy side panels and snug barrier cuffs mean no leaks, so they’re nicer for babies and moms. (

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers

Even babies with sensitive skin can handle these diapers, which are free of fragrances, latex, petroleum-based lotions, and chlorine processing. KIWI moms loved how these pliable diapers moved with their babies while managing to stay absorbent. (

Earth’s Best Chlorine Free Diapers

Made from non-chlorine- bleached materials, these diapers get their absorbency thanks to natural materials like corn and wheat. And since they’re latex-, dye-, and perfume-free and have breathable sides and a moisture barrier, they help your baby’s skin stay rash-free. (


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