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For more great lesson plans on healthy eating from Hain Celestial for grades K-7th, click here.

Lesson Plan 1: What is Organic?

Pre-K What is Organic? Image
K-2 What is Organic? Image 3-5 What is Organic? Image
PDF iconPre–K What is Organic? PDF iconK–2 What is Organic? PDF icon3–5 What is Organic?

Lesson Plan 2: Being Green

K-2 Being Green Image
3-5 Being Green Image
PDF iconK–2 Being Green PDF icon3–5 Being Green

Lesson Plan 3: Recycling

Pre-K Recycling Image
K-2 Recycling Image 3-5 Recycling Image
PDF iconPre–K Recycling PDF iconK–2 Recycling PDF icon3–5 Recycling


Lesson Plan: Leaf Exchange Program (Grades K-2)

Water Scarcity
PDF iconLeaf Exchange Program

Lesson Plan: Bringing Climate Change Into the Classroom (Grades 6-8)

Lesson Plan: Treatment Plants

Treatment Plants
PDF iconAdaptable Grade Activity

Lesson Plan: Water Scarcity (Grades K-2)

Water Scarcity
PDF iconK-2 Water Scarcity


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