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america's cutest green baby winnersGrand Prize Winner, $1,000: Anay

“The birth of my son has also given birth to my family’s new lifestyle. Before, eating organic food was our interpretation of green living. But since the start of my pregnancy, I became more knowledgeable. After a no- epidural birth, we used cloth diapers and reusable towel wipes. Anay grew up handsomely with breast milk and later on organic vegetables and fruits. He loves his mama’s homemade organic baby food. His favorite book is also made of 100 percent recycled paper. Our goal is to teach him the importance of being environmentally friendly and respecting Mother Nature.”—Ritu Gupta, San Diego, CA 

america's cutest green baby winnersFirst Prize Winner, $350: Chloe

“The foods my baby eats are as close as possible to their original state. I don’t like artificial ingredients or preservatives added to her baby food. I have a recipe book for homemade natural baby food that I will continue feeding her as she grows up the natural way.”—Theresa Johnson, Houston, TX


america's cutest green baby winnersSecond Prize Winner, $150: Phoenix

“Our boy lives for the outdoors so we understand the importance of caring for it! He sorts the recycling and compost and helped plant our veggies, herbs, and flowers. And he loves organic, homemade food!”—Jeane Kettner, Denver, CO 





Special thanks to Love Child Organics, our 2015 America’s Cutest Green Baby sponsor, for providing the winners with purees and pat-a-cakes! 

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